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Message from the IH&RA President

Dear IHRA Member, Dear Colleague:

First to comment that, at the end of the year for strictly personal reasons in the life of Mr. Casimir Platzer, with the unanimous support of the Board I had to assume the presidency of this prestigious institution, the only global representative of the industry hospitality.


The IH & RA is active back as ever, we need to strengthen the awareness that the hospitality industry is one family and that the single global representative house is the IHRA, therefore, we need each and every one of you, not only to keep up with social obligations but to those that are a right slightly exercised, which is the direct or indirect participation in it.


We are finalizing a year in which, in many of the markets, the decline in profitability was an unwanted guest and the effects of new technologies such as the impact of the generally misnamed collaborative economy have eroded our business; at the same time, in a context where terrorism has caused enormous human losses and political and social instability in a major part of the planet, and further wherein the phenomenon of immigration has added a complex issue to find decent and unbiased solutions for the parties.


Henceforth, we will guide a more intense communication with you, we are committed to the internal reorganization, to promote between March / April 2016 an important conference where the focus will be the Assembly, call for elections of new authorities, since our periodIt will be intense but brief, as I have already said will not run for the presidency in any way.


I want to thank the collaboration and commitment of Hala ElKhatib, Amelia Tomasevic, Johannes Lenz Hewliczeh -, Mohamed Nejia, Chawki Nadawi and Genadi Dishev, but especially the support, generosity, as tips of Joan Gaspart – President of the Husa chain; and the IHRA Past President Dr. Ghassan Aidi, who has demonstrated once again his commitment to reaffirm the IHRA as the global entity representative of the interests of the hospitality industry.


To all I wish you a great 2016 for your families and businesses and invite you all to toast, so that the 2016 validates the hospitality industry as a priority activity to provide sustainable solutions to one of the scourges of the modern world that is the lack of employment.


Congratulations, good 2016.